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Pittsburgh Emo Night

Welcome to Pittsburgh Emo Night, the go-to late-night DJ event that dives deep into the heart of emo and pop punk. Nestled in vibrant Pittsburgh, this night is a nod to the tracks that shaped many of our teenage years, bringing back memories of late-night drives, heartbreaks, and rebellious days.

The playlist isn’t the only highlight. Keep an eye out because some of your favorite artists and bands might just drop by for a surprise set or to simply join the vibe. So, call up your crew, dust off that old band shirt, and get ready to sing along to anthems that still resonate.

Whether you’re in the mood to mosh, groove, or just chill with a drink in hand, Pittsburgh Emo Night has got you covered. It’s not just about the music; it’s about rekindling old memories and making new ones with a crowd that gets it. Dive back into the scene, feel the energy, and let’s make this a night to remember.

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Bands you'll hear

This is just a small sampling of the bands that you’ll hear at Pittsburgh Emo Night, Metalcore. Night, and Pop Punk Night! We’re constantly adding to our playlist and keeping things fresh. If there’s anything you’d like to hear, drop a request!

A Day To Remember

My Chemical Romance


Falling in Reverse

Bring Me the Horizon - Emo Night Band Profile

Bring Me the Horizon

Taking Back Sunday



Green Day

Ice Nine Kills


Good Charlotte

We're always adding to our playlists! This list is just an example and not exhaustive.

Pittsburgh Emo Concerts

Emo, pop punk, metalcore, and alternative concerts in the Pittsburgh area.

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